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IK-TRADING specialises in the development, sale and service of the best and most compact mobile solutions for pipe renovation on the market using no-dig methods. Solutions based on years of product development, international experience within the industry and a close working relationship with some of the world’s leading contractors.

The complete solutions we provide, built into compact mobile units according to customer specifications, are supplied to customers all over the world. Our strength lies in building the necessary components into a single high-tech unit that can be extended by a series of customised modules, to meet the requirements of the customer for accessibility and cost of operation.

Our solutions can be used for:

  • Renovation of sewer pipes
  • Renovation of water pipes
  • Renovation of gas pipes


Our solutions can also be used for:

  • Renovation of drains inside buildings

The supplier of complete, mobile and customized units for renovation work via no-dig solutions

This website is designed to provide details of some of the benefits of a complete mobile unit from IK-TRADING, and we are at your service should you require more details. We are available for a no-obligation meeting to listen to your requirements, and come up with specific suggestions and ideas. 


IK-TRADING - Your mobility solutions – when quality matters…