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IK-Trading Mobile Units

Renovation of existing pipes can be an extensive and costly affair, requiring high levels of efficiency, stability and cost-effectiveness. Our mobile solutions are hightech, flexible and efficient units that deploy advanced surveillance equipment for high quality renovation work 24/7.

The result is cost-effective for contractor and the end-customer, whilst guaranteeing minimal disruption for residents, businesses, road-users, public authorities and others

An IK-TRADING mobile unit ensures fast, efficient renovation that saves time and money

IK-TRADING solutions provide:

  • Maximum flexibility in design and construction to do the job
  • Everything built into a single compact mobile unit that can be installed in new or existing vehicles and/or containers
  • Mobile units designed and customised for specific job requirements 
  • Extensive range of accessories and top class service ensure efficiency and reliability around the clock
  • IK-TRADING takes care of the entire process from start to finish
  • Top Danish quality materials and workmanship.