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Step by Step

An IK-TRADING mobile solution is constructed in three steps, and customised to the specific requirements of each customer. Each unit is always purposely built and there are never two alike.

They are designed based on the requirements laid down in specifications worked out between customer and IK-TRADING.

They can include accessibility for special jobs, the actual nature of a job, budgetary constraints and whether the equipment has to be built into new or existing vehicles or containers.

Depending on the job and requirements, each unit can be extended by a range of optional modules and functions that are also specified and built in consultation with the customer.

Maximum flexibility in design and construction to do the job​

In addition, IK-TRADING also manufactures one-off items called for in the requirement specification and that are not readily available off the shelf. The result is a reliable, efficiant mobile unit ready for use and that begins to provide a return on investment from day 1.

Regardless of specification, IK-TRADING products are unique, whether built for a local sewer maintenance company or the world’s leading contractors.